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Belt loops are for…


I say that to my clients all the time and it is true! Simple like that, if your pants have belt loops, belt them! We all know that belts were created as a way to hold pants where they were supposed to sit, at the waist. However, as time went by and fashion stepped in, the belt has been used as an accessory and a very important accessory. The belt makes the look complete, polished and balances proportions when necessary.

calca caindo rihannaIt’s not easy to keep pants up without a belt, not even for Rihanna! 😉

When choosing a belt, be mindful of your proportions. Petite people will look better in smaller belts. Whereas larger people will look better in wider ones. When fashion dictates the width of the belt, be smart and compare the widths to your proportions choosing wisely. A medium width belt might look wide on a small woman and small on a tall one.

belt pants same colorObserve the belt width

And, what color should it be? That is a catch! Except for when the idea is to have a statement belt be the focal point of your outfit, the belt color should be the same as the lower part of the look as a whole. However, this rule is flexible as it is perfect for people who have perfect upper and lower body proportions or shorter legs as it elongates the lower part of the silhouette . When you add shoes of the same color, than the effect is maximized. On the other hand, when the upper body is proportionally shorter, then you can choose a belt in the same color of the top you are wearing. By doing so, your torso will look longer than it actually is.

red belt pantsSame color in belt and pants – elongates lower body

white blouse white beltBlouse and belt in same color – elongates torso

When the body proportions are balances (two heads from chin to waist, five from waist to feet), choosing the belt color is easier as there is no need to make either body parts look longer. This is when playing with belts is even more fun as it is not a problem solver, but rather a style choice. Ah… Of course, it’s always related to how long your own head is versus the length of the rest of your body!

white pants beige beltBelt as a focus point – Golden Mean!

Remember that for the belt to elongate a part of your body, the belt does not have to be exactly the same color, but the same value! Choose a color that is as light or as dark as the color of the item you are wearing on the body part you want to look longer.

So, simple rule, “If there are belt loops, belt it”!


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