Personal Color Analysis Launch at Carlos Lobo Salon

Some NYC Image Consulting news Today!



Last Friday was a very busy and happy day for me! Patricia,  Carlos Lobo Salon‘s owner and colorist, offered the Tips and Sips cocktail to launch my Image Consulting services through Color Analysis at the salon. Some friends, family and fellow consultants joined us to celebrate. While our guests enjoyed some champagne and red wine, color set the tone for the event.

After a “wow color” demonstration people could make questions and learn more about image consulting and their personal coloring. Everyone who booked their color consultation had a 10% discount – which is still valid through May!! – and one client was the lucky one to get a free full color analysis consultation! Anne Graves will receive all information about the colors that flatter her the most, what hair color works better for her and her power color for free. Isn’t it nice when you are at the right place, at the right time?

service launch - selection

The event was really exciting! It was so nice that we are repeating that next Friday (May 10th)!

New cocktail, new people, new info!

If you missed it last Friday, don’t miss it this time! Join us and bring your questions!  And the best news are that from now on you can have your personal color analysis at the salon every Friday! To set an appointment, just call the salon!


It was also an opportunity for me to introduce my new assistant, Marta Piccioni. Marta is from Italy and is studying to become an image consultant. She will be around town with me helping me find whatever it takes to make you look your best!

You can watch part of it on the video HERE. Please, forgive us for the poor quality! Our knowledge is about your personal image, not filming, and this is just for amusement, not professional usage! *wink*

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