A career where altruism meets selfishness

I have been “AFK” (away from keyboard) for a while and the reason that brings me down to my bones to write this is a combination of selfishness and altruism.

Since the very first year of my professionalizing studies to become a teacher I have heard, read and felt that teaching is a gift of givers. Teachers give all they have, all content, all experiences because they care and money is not what drives them.

Well, I have to come to you in disagreement! Although I am no longer primarily a teacher in my professional introduction, I teach my clients and I do teach professionals and guess what? I am so selfish when I do that. Wanna know more? I bet anyone in my career is selfish, too! Why? Because the feeling of personal achievement and the reward when we see the smile of a client and listen to their passionate words about themselves or the career they have chosen to pursue is what feeds us and is our work! I am so proud to say that I get F#%@#ing high when my client looks in the mirror and says “You brought a woman out of a girl”! Or when a professional looking for a new path smiles and cries out loud “This is the career I have always wanted” is the best altruistic selfish feeling one can feel! Or… maybe I should say the most selfish altruistic thing that will happen in someone’s professional history.

One way or another, what matter here is… let’s all cut the BS that we work only to do good to others. We work to do good to ourselves while helping others. It’s a beautiful two-way road and there is no shame to that.

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I will forever say my job is to show people their self worth, confidence and joyfulness through colors, lines and style. That is the absolute true. But it is also true that in choosing a career like Image and Style Consulting you gain just as much as you give.

I have to say, however, that it only applies to people who bring their hearts to work and leave their righteousness somewhere they cannot reach at all during a consultation or class. When you work with Image and Style training or services you are the channel through which people fulfill their needs, aspirations and dreams. It is as if someone would drink champagne with a straw and you are the straw! You are the means through which a person savors the grape’s bubbly nectar, meaning… you get to savor it and see their happy face in the end! The best of both worlds. *smile*

I repeat myself when I speak with every student and client and say my success happens when they are successful, and that is what I work for. I work for your success, so I can feel successful myself. Aren’t I again being selfish here while being altruistic? So, if you think you would like to feel these oh-so-good mixed feelings, come be altruistic and selfish with me. I cannot promise you will be filthy rich, but I can promise you will be fully happy (with $ and feLICity to spare!).

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