Imagem, Estilo & Ação em NYC

Imagem, Estilo & Ação! Nunca um nome de curso fez tanto sentido para mim. Quando decidi fazer as alterações do BootCamp de formação em consultoria de imagem para que tivéssemos mais oportunidades de prática, não tinha noção que o ganho para as alunas seria tão positivo. Nestes anos aqui em NYC em que minha atividade […]

White love

The summer is ending (feel like crying!) and with that, some say, so is the opportunity to wear white pants. Whether you agree or not with the Labor-Day-Weekend rule for terminating the catwalk for stylish white pants or not, due to the ease to coordinate white with lighter and softer colors, it’s more likely you […]

My CIP and I! Ups and Downs before Success

Thoughts are a powerful fuel to accomplishments. I am still flabbergasted by having achieved what I had long set my mind for. I have, for 6 years, worked towards obtaining the certification recognition of people who inspired me off from the start of my career as an Image Consultant. Now, when I look at this […]

When you become a billboard of your beliefs

We have discussed so much about how much your fashion choices speak for you. You have probably learned already about lines, colors and patters that help you look and be perceived as more direct, more professional or more friendly and approachable. Straight lines, higher contrast, deeper colors all convey more of the first, while soft […]

A career where altruism meets selfishness

I have been “AFK” (away from keyboard) for a while and the reason that brings me down to my bones to write this is a combination of selfishness and altruism. Since the very first year of my professionalizing studies to become a teacher I have heard, read and felt that teaching is a gift of […]