My CIP and I! Ups and Downs before Success

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Thoughts are a powerful fuel to accomplishments. I am still flabbergasted by having achieved what I had long set my mind for. I have, for 6 years, worked towards obtaining the certification recognition of people who inspired me off from the start of my career as an Image Consultant. Now, when I look at this logo, I mentally pinch myself to believe it’s happened.
The months, weeks and days preceding the completion of this work were demanding, exhausting and brought me to stress I never thought I’d have to handle. To the point I thought I wasn’t capable of that. I seriously doubted myself. And, this is why I have been silent about pursuing it. Putting it out there was to much responsibility with the failure I was anticipating I would face.
However, my initial manifestation had been set on stone and faith. I literally rested my hardship and doubt in God’s arms and let Him do what I could not do anymore, follow through. Without Him, I would have given up.
Working towards something you want  so much is much harder when you do not want to disappoint people you have brought along to your pursuit. Family, friends, clients who have either helped you with practical things like forms, letters and providing documents or who have put up with your stress do deserve your best, right? You wouldn’t want to disappoint them and say, I failed. At least, I didn’t! It was a matter of honor and reputation I had built and wanted to maintain.
Now, looking back at all I went through and made people do for me to get to today’s bliss I realize I was aiming at perfection and disguised it as insecurity. Or, vice-versa, should you prefer. Only now do I realize I was unsure my works were good enough, the material was complete enough, the print quality was even enough, the font type, size and color were congruent, paragraphs were correctly aligned and I can go on and on describing all the little details I worried about that made me forget about the big and most important picture, the quality of the services I deliver and how I make my clients and students feel.
I was overly worried about things that did matter, but that were not more important than the whole. They should never have made me doubt myself or my vision and career decision I had manifested.
From this tremendously important achievement in my life I have a list of important learnings I would like to share. Some of them are clear to me and I will share below, others… will come in time and then, I’ll give you my extra 2 cents. So, if you are planning to pursue an AICI certification or another achievement in your life. check them below!
1. Never doubt yourself when you have already set yourself to succeed.
2. If people from different arenas of your life jump in to say you can and support you, you must have proved your value in many different scenarios already. Trust them!
3. Once you find yourself freaking out about something that should make you feel proud and happy; stop, revisit your motifs and reroute.
4. Perfection holds you back and you begin to fear yourself. Don’t aim at perfection, you will always find an obstacle and a reason not to believe it is good enough.
5. When you are dedicated and professional in your work, people are kinder to you and your work that you are.
6. Do what you can the best way you can and leave the rest to Him. There are many circumstances around what you are doing that will be out of your control. All of them are under His control and He knows best.
7. Do your best so that if the outcome is negative your conscience is light and if the outcome is positive, you are proud of what you’ve done.
8. Failing may be a step in the process. Accept it as a learning opportunity when it happens.
9. Establish goals for the final outcome of your achievement do you know what your next step will be in either scenarios. If I pass I will…. and if I don’t pass I will…. It will be much easier to move on after the news.
10. Embrace your effort and your success and never forget to thank each and every person who took time to help you achieve your goal. They must always know their help was appreciated and that it made a difference.
11. Be humble and let people know it is a difficult process. It will be easier for you to come to terms with yourself in case of a negative outcome.
12. Go for it, but keep it real.
Now that I have achieved this goal, another one is lining up. Life is a sequence of goals, they are what keep us moving ahead.
What is your current main vision in your personal or professional life? Are you paving the road towards it? No matter what it is, I wish you are resolute, have people who believe in you and faith!
God  bless
Lici Iankoski Tomkiw AICI CIP <– Yeah! Just to make it clear, I have been approved!

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