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Your Image is to Blame

square tableSo you are walking down the road and people come to ask for information? You are often mistaken by sales reps at stores you go to? And you just do not appreciate being approached all the time? You must be one of the many who have a resting nice face. This must be annoying! Or, you are just the sweetest person, but always perceived as stuck-up or so detached that people won’t even come say hi?  That is the resting-bitch-face effect! I have so been there!

Do you know this is not entirely your fault? It is your image you have to blame. Ok, I understand you are the one in charge of your image, therefore you can be held accountable. However, when we do not know, we cannot be charged with that responsibility. Now, if you learned that your choice of outfits and accessories can actually alter people’s  perception of you, your capabilities and goals in life, would you look at it more carefully? I bet you would!

It is often said and easily understood that curves are more friendly, more approachable. When we look at a round table it feels way more inviting to sit and talk than a square one, right? Nobody has ever invited me for a “square table talk”. Simply because it is not as friendly! Same goes for your, mine, anyone’s facial and body features. People many times look at us and see the lines on us, interpret them and immediately decide to get closer or farther depending on how they relate to such characteristics.

face bitch nice

So, if you look at yourself in the mirror and pretend you are going to draw yourself, will you be using mostly round or straight lines? Know that you can choose lines in your clothing and even hair that will emphasize or soften your own. Is it a rule for everyone? Yes and no! When you have purpose, you have to test and see how the inside and outside lines in your clothing item will impact your own. Sometimes you may need to add curved lines on the weekend, when you are with friends and family. Other times you would prefer to add straight lines so these people don’t abuse of your friendliness.

All is relative when you make fashion choices, but what is always right and makes a big difference is knowing your options! Learn about who your are, both in the world and in your body and learn to use your style enhance your personality.

I know you can! Are you not sure? Shoot me an I wanna know more about lines and outfits, we can walk that pleasant road together!


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