My CIP and I! Ups and Downs before Success

Thoughts are a powerful fuel to accomplishments. I am still flabbergasted by having achieved what I had long set my mind for. I have, for 6 years, worked towards obtaining the certification recognition of people who inspired me off from the start of my career as an Image Consultant. Now, when I look at this […]

When you become a billboard of your beliefs

We have discussed so much about how much your fashion choices speak for you. You have probably learned already about lines, colors and patters that help you look and be perceived as more direct, more professional or more friendly and approachable. Straight lines, higher contrast, deeper colors all convey more of the first, while soft […]

Your Image is to Blame

So you are walking down the road and people come to ask for information? You are often mistaken by sales reps at stores you go to? And you just do not appreciate being approached all the time? You must be one of the many who have a resting nice face. This must be annoying! Or, […]